[:en]15 Anime Moments That'll Break Your Heart


Let’s get sad! Hell yeah!! Bring out the tissues, buckets, or whatever it is you need to fight back your tears.

Warning: The nature of this post includes massive spoilers, so don’t go complaining to me for ruining Your Lie in AprilFullmetal AlchemistGuilty CrownClannad: After StoryHunter x HunterFate/ZeroOne PiecePokemon (yes, really), Angel Beats!Anohana, and Plastic Memories for you.


I know this is a spoiler list, but I won’t spoil Grave of the Fireflies. I feel it’s Studio Ghibli’s best movie, and you should watch it right away if you haven’t done so already.


“Why are they putting all that dirt on daddy? If daddy gets buried, then he won’t be able to do all of his work.” *Drowns in tears.*


This girl digs you, she even told her friend about it! Oops, looks like it was a lie just so she could get closer to your friend. You’ll never know either, and your friend will only learn of her love in death.


The crew is celebrating Hae’s birthday, as a way to keep her memory in their hearts. A solemn Shu, who is now blind, starts to think about Inori as he listens to a song she sang for him. Way to go for the two for one!


Tomoya learns the truth of his father’s actions, and in turn, vows to become the best father he can for Ushio. The tearful embrace is powerful for father and daughter.


Meruem accepts his fate in what becomes the most subdued and beautiful death scene in all of anime. He goes back to Komugi to play a final Gungi game, and they both die in each other’s arms.


Kiritsugu has to be the most tragic character in modern anime. He has to kill his mentor (and the first person whom he ever considered family), he drags his wife into the Holy Grail War and she dies, and he ultimately fails to win the Holy Grail War. To top things off, he never gets to see his daughter Illya ever again.


I’ve had no shame spoiling major moments, but even I know my limits. I don’t want to ruin the experience of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 for you, just know that you’ll in for some major sadness.


For being a series about jolly pirates, One Piece can get really depressing. Usually, the sadness is saved for flashbacks, but Ace’s sacrifice hits the hardest. He did what any good older brother would do, and that’s to protect his younger brother at all costs.


Angel Beats! had sad moments, but at least they were in the bittersweet category. This is just plain sad for Otonashi. After Kanade thanks Otonashi for donating his heart, which was given to her in a surgery, Kanade passes on. This leaves Otonashi alone, broken into tears and screaming Kanade’s name since he fell in love with her.


11Ash, Misty, and Brock go their separate ways – ‘Pokemon‘

A sad Pokemon moment that doesn’t involve Butterfree! This, as strange as it sounds, is one of the more real moments in anime. We see three great friends going their separate ways, and they may never see each other again.

This is an all too real moment, especially for people graduating high school and moving on to other things.


The three surviving members of Team Joestar (I won’t say who!) share a tearful embrace at the airport. What started out as a rag-tag team of Stand users quickly became a squad of close friends. As they think about their globe-trotting adventure, they also shed a tear for those they lost to Dio and his forces.


Let’s play the saddest game of hide-and-seek ever! As Menma’s friends come to terms with their feelings and their roles in her death, she leaves notes for them to find. Then the tears really start to flow.


We all knew how Plastic Memories was going to end, but that wasn’t the point of the series. How would you live life if you knew when you were going to die? That was the ultimate question, which makes Isla and Tsukasa’s final Ferris wheel ride as sweet as it is sad.


I cri evrytiem 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

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